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Astrotainment is a transformational entertainment business model designed to create an "out-of-this-world" immersive-experience. Our principal focus is space-themed immersive-entertainment for the 21st century.

Astrotainment Productions works closely with Carl Zeiss Planetariums, Seiler Instrument, Konica Minolta Planetarium, Showscan entertainment, and other development groups and consultants specializing in; Theme-Entertainment - Planetariums - Light & Sound Technology - Design - Architecture.

Astrotainment's architecture is the world's first virtual flying structure and the first, planetarium-restaurant-nightclub!
Astrotainment is a unique and early investment opportunity like none other.


Revenue  Streams


. Boarding Tickets
. The Flying-Saucer Restaurant - Digital Diner - The Galaxy Buffet
. 'Cosmos' - 'Club UFO' - Planaterium Nightclub
. 5 Bars
. Merchandise - Gift Shop


Astrotainment Productions is a 21st century media company working to create science-based, immersive-entertainment for young, and old. In today's world, most people go about their business oblivious to the universe above. This is particularly true of city dwellers where most keep their eyes fixed on the road ahead. But even when not driving, few rarely look upward towards the night sky. Understandably, due to light pollution one must get to a place with dark skies, far from city lights to get a true glimpse of the night sky, and as such, the Astrotainment venue brings the known universe to the city where visitors can rediscover the universe like never before.

Astrotainment will be the closest encounter that the average person will ever have with actual space-travel, whereby they will virtually be transported into deep-space while dining and dancing inside a scale-size flying-saucer. Astrotainment will allow guests to “virtually” leave Earth’s gravity for a truly extraordinary night out under the stars. In line with latest trends in immersive-entertainment, the Astrotainment model is a paradigm-shift in the planetarium experience and in nightlife entertainment.

We begin with a flying saucer structure with the nightclub under the domed area and a revolving restaurant inside the disc portion of the flying-saucer-shaped structure. Guests/passengers can order directly from their digital-table-menu, which will then be served by our friendly alien wait staff. After a heavenly meal, guest/passengers can walk down onto a unique reflective dance floor designed to suspend you in outer-space as you dance the night away.

Part of a larger vision, the Astrotainment concept is a space-themed entertainment attraction designed to endure the test of time, and space. Astrotainment is the first-of-its-kind and is a precursor to immersive entertainment in the 21st century. At its core, is Man’s fascination with aliens from outer space and their spaceships – UFO’s. Based on our Earthly fascination and perceptions of aliens from outer-space, and their mode of transport, a space-age attraction, such as, Astrotainment, is an entertainment idea whose time has come, to Las Vegas.

There are four components which comprise the Astrotainment concept: 1) A flying-saucer - spacecraft structure. 2) Friendly alien staff. 3) Stellar food. 4) Incredible music! The objective is to seamlessly blend all four to create a, truly, "out-of-this-world," immersive-experience. Astrotainment completes the immersive-experience of a traditional planetarium with a spacecraft structure which will virtually transport guests/passenger to the edge of the universe.

As a revolutionary entertainment concept, Astrotainment opens the door to the next-generation in planetariums. With wide-ranging applications, the Astrotainment concept transforms the traditional planetarium experience into a compelling futuristic entertainment attraction. This concept includes:

* Exterior spaceship design. The flying-saucer-planetarium perfectly lends itself to the space-travel theme combining the interior planetarium experience with the exterior design of a spaceship - flying-saucer, thus, completing the immersive-experience.

* Spectacular views abound, the distinctive 800 foot tower will bring the cosmos to Las Vegas. Its iconic architecture will become a breath-taking addition to the Las Vegas Strip. The revolving 'Interstellar' restaurant, with its wrap-around windows, will give way to a hovering sensation over the city below.

* The world’s first planetarium nightclub and restaurant under the same roof. ‘Cosmos Nightclub’ and the ‘Interstellar' restaurant promise to be, light-years-ahead, in nightlife entertainment.

* A 1000 room, 'Celestial Hotel & Casino', will offer an unrivaled integrated resort destination designed for space-age entertainment.

* Guests/passengers can also stop by the souvenir shop and purchase an array of tie-in products exclusive to the 'Astrotainment' brand. Everything from alien T-shirts, caps and cups, flying saucer toy models and alien dolls, will all be available at the ‘Constellation' gift shop.

* Stellar food and amazing music will bring new meaning to, "dining and dancing under the stars."

The grand vision is an all-encompassing space entertainment complex akin to: theme-parks and integrated resort destinations. Whether a free-standing attraction, such as, a gleaming flying-saucer-planetarium-nightclub-restaurant, or, multiple flying-saucer structures with the largest serving as the, "mother-ship," the Astrotainment experience is a galactic attraction unlike anything seen before on this planet.

John B. Dash
Founder & President
Immerisve Specialist
Astrotainment Productions